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3 Reasons Why Puppies Need Massage

One of my foci this year is to let people know that Massage is Just as Important as Food for Dogs. Yes, puppies, too! If you have ever experienced taking care of a puppy, you know how fast they grow.

My dog, Dewey is already 5 and I don’t know what happened to the little puppy that he used to be! I regret not taking enough pictures to capture all the amazing day-by-day transformations.

It seems like there is a notion that puppies don’t need massage. I hear in a conversation often referring to a puppy or a younger dog in the family not needing a massage, that massage is just for senior dogs…If you think the same way, you are wrong!! Why?

Reason 1. Puppies Are Active

Sometimes, puppies take really sharp, full-speed turns out of excitement when unleashed.  They twist and turn their bodies as if they are serious athletes.

Puppies playing

After playing hard like that, muscles are over-worked and full of lactic acid whether the dog is young or old.

The muscles in the shoulder, neck, lower back and thighs need to be loosened so that they can have fun again without any soreness.

And most importantly, loosening the muscles after play/excercise is the key in preventing injuries!

Reason 2. Puppies Grow Fast

I remember Dewey couldn’t go upstairs one day, and all of a sudden, the very next day, he could.

It seemed like he was getting bigger every morning when he woke up!

Growth spurts are even more obvious with large breed puppies.

It is not easy for puppies to deal with their own bodies since they seem to be getting bigger each day.

Massage can help stimulate the brain to acknowledge their own body and size (stimulation of proprioception).


Reason 3.  Puppies Need ‘Touch’ & Socialization

While puppies grow rapidly, touching, petting & massaging can benefit greatly.

Touch through the skin stimulates the brain. Massage promotes blood circulation and nutrients get carried through the bones, muscles and wherever else necessary to develop and maintain a healthy body.

Massage also promotes the production of serotonin, which is a “happy hormone”.

Puppies will grow up learning that it feels good when people touch them, instead of being fearful.

Having them get used to gentle touches and strokes early in life is a major ingredient for a happy dog, don’t you agree??