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How Do You Know If Your Dog Needs A Massage??

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I was at an event hosted by Pet Food Express Campbell Store  a while back.  A gentleman approached me looking puzzled and said, “How do you know if your dog needs a massage?”

I wasn’t quite sure if he was just teasing me or sincerely asking the question at first. So, my first response was “Do you know when you need a massage?” Answering a question with a question… not good. LOL

But for the record, the gentleman WAS sincerely curious and I’m glad that we had a meaningful conversation. In case you are wondering the same thing, I have put together some indications that may be helpful for you to understand your dog’s physical needs.

1. Don’t Expect A Verbal Cue

Needless to say, people and dogs don’t speak the same language but we do communicate with each other all the time. So, it is up to us, people to think what is good or needed for our dogs.


2. Watch How Your Dog Walks Every Day

How can we tell if your dog needs a massage? Well, regardless of your dog’s physical condition, massage is always beneficial for over-all wellness physically and emotionally.

To find out exactly what your dog needs in terms of massage or any other type of bodywork is determined by your daily observations.

Daily Observations

  • My dog was skipping a few times today while walking.
  • My dog looks really stiff when running and it looks like the knees are not bending at all.
  • I see some skin twitching on my dog’s back sometimes. What is that?
  • My dog seems to hop instead of walk even when we are moving slowly.
  • My dog keeps his head down or swings the head down as he takes each step. What is wrong?

I hear these types of comments/questions all the time and am very happy to know that the growing number of dog owners are more conscious about orthopedic and other physical conditions and needs of their dogs.   There is a reason why you see what you see and the knowledge can help you decide what may be the best approach for your dog.  Massage may be something your dog can greatly benefit from.

Again, going back to the question of “how do you know your dog needs a massage”, my answer would be “by daily observation”.