Canine Massage

My Favorite Items to Use When Massaging a Dog

My favorite items to use when massaging a dog are pretty simple.

Let me share these 4 items with you.

You can click on the image to get more detail if you are interested.




I’ve tried using a massage table when I first taking my clients back in 2010 but quickly learned that it wasn’t a very practical choice.

After realizing that being on the floor is much less stressful for the dogs, I started massaging dogs on the floor.


This type of dog bed is exceptional, though.

I gave it a try at my client’s house for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised.

The biggest advantage is that you can slide your legs underneath this bed.

This helps your lower back tremendously especially if your dog is tiny.




Background Music

If you google “relaxing music for dogs”, you’ll see so many options come up but they are not all the same.

This speaker is packed with classical piano pieces that were arranged in the way that are soothing to the dog’s ears bio-acoustically.

This has been so popular among my furry clients especially those who are shy or fearful.





Hot Stones

I can’t recommend thermal therapy enough for your dog, especially older one with chronic pain.

Hot stones can quickly warm up the tissues and mask the pain so that the dog is more relaxed and can tolerate massage strokes and pressure more comfortably.



Study on Canine Behaviors

Besides the canine anatomy and massage techniques, learning the difference between how we think and how the dogs think is crucial in terms of creating a safe environment for a dog to feel comfortable and benefit from a massage.

“Forcing” the dog in any way isn’t the way to go!


All of Dr. Yin’s books and DVDs are valuable to everyone who comes close contact with dogs personally and professionally.




I will update you as I come across with more items that can be helpful to make a massage time more successful for you and your dog!