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feels-goodEri came to my home last night to treat my dog, Luci to her first massage. She was incredibly professional and clearly knew what she was doing. She showed true love for animals and Luci just loved her. As a massage therapist for people, I see the benefits of massage every day. It was clear to me after our first session with Canine Therapeutics that Luci could really benefit from massage as well. What a wonderful way to prevent problems as Luci ages. Eri incorporated lymphatic and circulatory techniques to stimulate Luci’s immune system. She gently found and released tight spots in Luci’s ribs. She even used aroma therapy to help Luci relax! I was so happy with our experience that I booked Luci’s next massage before Eri could leave the house!

– A Review on Yelp by Holly Williams, CMT

Our dogs are 9 and 3 years old and they both benefit by having knots and sore areas gently released by the expert work that Eri does. We have been very pleased by the results and recommend Eri to anyone with dogs. After our 9 year old gets a massage, she feels better: she walks smoother – her movements are more fluid.

– Kathie, November, 2010


My dogs Chu-Chu and Pumpkin just had their first massage with Eri yesterday. Pumpkin is a very shy and nervous dog but Eri’s calm and gentle statue really worked well for Pumpkin. I noticed my dog’s deep relaxation state after we came home. Eri was very educational and we enjoyed the time there. Price is very reasonable…, and I think it’s definitely worth it. We will be going back to her service for sure. Highly recommend her!

– A comment on Facebook by I.T

We have had our family dog for 10 years now. She lost her ability to walk on her back legs very suddenly. We took her to our Vet thinking it was time. The Vet gave her some medicine and recommended massage. She still had trouble walking for a couple days after. I called Eri to come and massage her. I am so amazed at the difference in our dog. She is totally back to normal and following me all over the house again. I will admit I was a little skeptical about canine massage at first, now it speaks for itself. Thank you Eri Suzaki for saving our loving dog (Wrinkles). Our dog and our family are so grateful. Thanks Again.

– A comment on Facebook by Vivian Covas

Hi again and THANK YOU for working on Jiro- we are so glad to have found you and your service. My sister and I totally believe in the holistic approach to treating and preventing ailments, and we know that our 16 (& 8 months) year-old Shih-Tzu is getting the chance to experience “getting stronger” in his old age. Watching you work on Jiro, we can clearly see that your therapeutic care for canines is full of love, sensitivity and deep understanding. We totally appreciate your commitment and care for Jiro at Pet Food Express, and certainly hope for more people to get acquainted with your “touch.” As we anticipate nothing but positive changes in Jiro’s condition, thanks to your therapy, we can also look forward to witnessing Jiro healthy and strong in his aging years. Rather than letting him just get old, we much rather do everything we can to help him be at his best. We look forward to our next session! So glad to know there is a lot of love and knowledge about dog’s health in your touch!

– Christine, Shuri & Jiro

My 11 yrs old pomeranian enjoyed her first massage here, she just loved it! And my 2 yrs old hyper chihuahua mix became so calm after the massage, he slept really well thru the whole night, didn’t wake up, didn’t bark & didn’t move at all! The massage was just amazing! Thank you!

– A review on Yelp by S.Y.

Eri made a house call to massage our toy poodle, Chanel, for the first time because she had lost some of her energy.  We were a bit skeptical because our Chanel does not easily take to strangers but we were pleasantly surprised because about half way through the session she relaxed and seemed to enjoy the massage. After the massage and during the days that followed, she has more energy.  Eri is very good because she seems to love dogs and is very understanding and patient.  She was very friendly, polite and professional throughout the whole session.  I highly recommend Eri to anyone who believe their dog might benefit from massage therapy.

– A review  on Yelp by Bill S.

We are huge fans of Eri and her amazing skills at our household. She has a calm personality and a gentle demeanor; I couldn’t have asked for a better massage therapist for my anxious and easily excitable dog. After the fourth session, my nutty Labrador decided she wanted immediate attention from Eri and after having been ignored for a few minutes, she quietly came to the corner of the room- where she usually gets a massage, and sprawled down on all fours ready for her session. This was a miracle! There were times in the past, when I have had to corner her and hold her until she realized how good the massage felt.

The reason we started seeking services from Eri is because my dog has a soft tissue injury and was also diagnosed with mild arthritis couple of months ago. My dog receives weekly massages and considering how she responds to the therapy, I’m almost afraid to end it now. FYI, my dog is walking much better now and combined with hydrotherapy sessions- we have gained a lot from this holistic approach to getting her back into shape.

I would strongly recommend Eri to anyone who seeks a therapist for his dog(s). We are definitely planning to continue with the sessions for now.

– A review on Yelp by Matrayi S.

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