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August, 2013

What The Owner Says

I found Eri via one of the search engines that had “dog massage water therapy”. Our 4-legged daughter Roo (Spaniel mix and border collie) was coming up on her 14th birthday and had been a bit lethargic for about 6 to 8 months (I attributed it to her age). She had been blind (retinal degeneration) for 3 years which slowed her down a bit but she got around just fine and knew where the doggie door and steps were; her blindness didn’t hinder her at all). We wanted to do everything and anything for her knowing she was near the end of her physical life.

Eri’s first visit with us consisted of the massage just to see how it would go and for the two of them to get to know each other. It was very relaxing for all of us and it took Roo a little bit to relax due to her breed and stubborn streak, but once she relaxed she loved it. Eri was very gentle and calming and showed me how to do some of the massage until next time. She was very caring and took as much time as we needed.

RooI wanted to try the water therapy because Roo was definitely a water dog but didn’t want to take “walks” anymore (we have a hot tub which we cooled down for the occasion) and we didn’t have to worry about her “bumping” into anything. At first our son (4-legged of course) was very curious about what was going on, so I took him out back for a little walk to give Eri and Roo some “alone” time. When we got back Eri was rocking her back and forth perpendicular to the water (this was after the massage in the water) – Roo’s head was on her shoulder and she was VERY relaxed.

Eri explained that she was doing Watsu, which allows the dog to forget about EVERYTHING (pain, scary incidents, etc.) and the relaxation and put her in a Zen-like state. I highly recommend Eri for ALL of her talents. Her energy and talents are very soothing, therapeutic and tranquil. She is very much “one of us” (dog people).

RooSadly, Roo didn’t make it to the next session but she knew she was loved, adored and pampered up until the very end. Eri helped through this “transition” and we celebrate our precious Roo’s unconditional love and teaching us how to “live in the moment everyday”. We know that just because Roo is in another dimension that we can’t touch or kiss, our bond of love will never be broken.”

– Brenda Turner

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