Agility Dog

Zig Zag, an agility dog

Sessions were focused on releasing adhesions & restoring body balance for better range of motion, thus better performance.

What his owner says

When my 9 year old Keeshond began having trouble with dog agility obstacles that involve climbing, I first ruled out a major medical issue. Then, I turned to Eri for help. She was wonderful with Zig Zag, gentle and very skilled at massage. He was putty in her hands!

Eri was so gentle that Zig Zag relaxed and let her work her magic. It was indeed magic! Thanks to Eri’s massages before our competitions, Zig Zag was able to play agility joyfully with me again and earn the agility championship we had been working towards.”

– Robin G

Zig Zag
[Photo Left] Summerwind Chutes Ladders. [Photo Right] Zig Zag, inclining cheerfully!

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