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Exercise for Dogs with Patella Luxation

Exercise for Dogs with Patella Luxation


Unfortunately, there are so many dogs, especially small ones that live with a condition called Patella Luxation.

Often times it is hereditary, and it is also caused by trauma.

canine patella



The patella (knee) bone is attached to the patella ligament and should be positioned securely in the middle with the help of the groove in the femur (thigh bone).


Some dogs are born with a very shallow or no groove at all, which causes the patella to luxate either towards the center of the body (medial patella luxation – MPLs) or outward (lateral patella luxation – LPLs).


As long as the condition is mild (i.e., grade 1 or 2), you can help you dog to exercise and strengthen certain muscles so that the patella will not likely luxate as much.


Here is How!


Of course, this is not a substitute of veterinary treatment. Conditions vary and there are cases where a surgery is appropriate.  Please consult your veterinarian with any of your concern.