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Senior Dogs Can Exercise & Have Fun, too! – CiCi’s Case

Watch CiCi Go on This Wobbly Thing!

Meet CiCi, the Maltese.  Can you believe this is her very first time on the wobble board?

Also, can you believe she is almost 13 years-young?

Why Exercise Your Dog?

You may think that walking twice a day should do for your dog.

Unfortunately, not all muscles are used by just walking alone.

A Lot is Going on in the Video

  1. CiCi’s brain is being stimulated by learning how to balance herself.
  2. Stimulating the brain can help not just seniors but all of us  to stay mobile and sharp.
  3. CiCi is using the core muscle (iliopsoas ) to balance.
  4. Strengthening the core muscle can help prevent injuries.

Life-Time Physical Maintenance

Now, if you would like your dog to stay mentally alert and be able to walk, eat, go potty on their own and enjoy going for walks as long as he/she can, why not start implementing some exercise time for your pup?

Dogs love to be praised and rewarded with some good treats (just like people!) One more bonus of this seems to be that your dog will end up being more confident.  Wouldn’t you love that!

Exercise & Massage Combo is what you can book to let your dog work out just like CiCi.

60 minute session starts with warm-up, exercise and closes with massage and stretch.

We also have Pre-Paid Package Deals!

Senior Dogs

Poh the Dog’s Big Adventure in the Bay Area!

Maybe you’ve heard of Poh the Dog’s Big Adventure on Instagram.

Poh, the 16 year-old lab is on a bucket list road trip with his parents across the country.

They recently made a stop at Little Wine Counter in Campbell, CA, where his fans waited to meet Poh and his family.

Meeting Poh at Campbell

Because of his cancer and age, Poh is weak.

But his presence speaks for itself that he is very much loved, content, and at peace.

poh sleeping
Poh, dozing off after taking an herbal supplement.

It seems like there are people who are and aren’t in agreement with this kind of lifestyle.

I certainly don’t know what is best for each dog.

But personally, one thing I know for sure is that I want to spend every moment with my dog, Dewey when he gets near the end and being on a trip is a good way to do just that.

Wishing Poh and his family a safe, memorable, and blessed rest of the trip!

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Rescued Senior Dog, Sassy’s Canine Aquatic Therapy Session – Summer 2015 Part 2

Sassy enjoying water

This is a continuation of:Sassy’s Canine Aquatic Therapy Session – Summer 2015

To Keep Her Muzzle Above Water

The biggest concern was that she is not strong enough to keep her head above water. So I wanted to try using this noodle nunchuck for kids that I found at the store for Sassy.

Noodle nunchuck for kids
noodle nunchuck for kids

I was hoping that she could rest her chin above the noodle, but unfortunately, Sassy didn’t care for it.

She would rather not have any assistance and do it in her own way. She is just a very independent dog!

Despite this limitation, Sassy is getting more and more comfortable. It is never too late for senior dogs to learn new things.

Senior dog owners, don’t give up!

She can actually swim moving all four legs on good days. Check her out in the video below!

FB video to Sassy swimming
Video via Facebook

Not too bad, is it?

She always walks a lot better with more confidence after an aquatic session.

I’m so proud of her!

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Sassy’s Canine Aquatic Therapy Session – Summer 2015

Canine Hydro Therapy with Sassy & Eri Suzaki
Fun Session on a Warm Day in Late Summer.

When Sassy’s family took her to the beach, they noticed how much she loved water.

She kept walking into the ocean despite the 15-year-old’s limited mobility.

That is how they became interested in providing water therapy for Sassy.

A Relaxed Body but Not Enough Strength to keep the Head Afloat

My face in the photo looks so serious!

The reason is because I realized that Sassy wasn’t quite strong enough to hold her own head up above water.

If I moved my hand from under her chin, her nose would go under water and she’d produce bubbles from her nose.

We freaked out every time that happened, but the funny thing was that Sassy was the only calm one!

She was so relaxed and gracious as if she was enjoying a nice snorkeling session!

Plan B Next Time!

Although she was fine with her nose going under water, we were a little concerned.

So I kept my hand under her chin to keep her head up for most of the session.

However without my hand there, I know it would’ve been so much easier for her to move her forearms.

So next time, we’ll have a Plan B, C or even D just in case.

Stay tuned!

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Senior Dog Adoption – Sassy’s Case

Let me share a heartwarming story about Sassy, one of my canine clients.

Sassy is a senior dog who unfortunately ended up in a shelter for an unknown reason.

Despite that tragedy, she was one of the few fortunate ones who received a second chance.

Eri (Canine Therapeutics) & Sassy

Look at her eyes. Isn’t she pretty?

She was 15 years old.

Her former owner surrendered her at a shelter almost a year ago.

No one knows  what the reason was.

Because of the efforts of a few rescue groups sharing her information through social media, Sassy caught the eye of her now current owner (a.k.a. her mom).

It was not because she was all pretty.

Instead she was thin, frail, and covered with feces.

Her mom rushed over to the shelter near LA to pick up Sassy.

She was prepared for the fact that Sassy wouldn’t live very long.

And yet, she still went ahead and got her simply because she couldn’t let her die in a shelter like that.

Since Sassy is pretty much blind, it must have been difficult to find food or water in the enclosure she was in while in the shelter.

So when she was picked up, she was really, really thin.

New Chapter, New Life

It is almost the one year anniversary of Sassy’s adoption! Amazing!

She was diagnosed with cancer recently, but fortunately, it doesn’t seem like an aggressive type and things are currently under control.


See how she is used to getting massage, too!

True Happiness

I’m not going to deny it. Taking care of a senior or special needs dog (or any animal) is not easy.

But why does Sassy’s mom look so happy?

It has to be that offering unconditional love with no expectation to receive anything in return gives one true happiness.

You may say:

“Oh, adopting a senior will be too hard for us because they won’t live long”.

But instead of choosing the kind of dog that you want, maybe rescuing a dog that desperately needs help right now makes much more sense.

…and you may be surprised with how much joy and happiness an old dog can bring.

Oh, and last but not least, let me introduce you to Buster, who lives with Sassy.


He is great at guiding and leading Sassy around the house!



“I can’t think of anything more rewarding than making the last years of a dog’s life the best they can be.”August 16. Happy 1st yr Sassy.

Posted by Jane Oblepias Ragunton on 2015年8月16日