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Exercise for Dogs with Patella Luxation

Exercise for Dogs with Patella Luxation


Unfortunately, there are so many dogs, especially small ones that live with a condition called Patella Luxation.

Often times it is hereditary, and it is also caused by trauma.

canine patella



The patella (knee) bone is attached to the patella ligament and should be positioned securely in the middle with the help of the groove in the femur (thigh bone).


Some dogs are born with a very shallow or no groove at all, which causes the patella to luxate either towards the center of the body (medial patella luxation – MPLs) or outward (lateral patella luxation – LPLs).


As long as the condition is mild (i.e., grade 1 or 2), you can help you dog to exercise and strengthen certain muscles so that the patella will not likely luxate as much.


Here is How!


Of course, this is not a substitute of veterinary treatment. Conditions vary and there are cases where a surgery is appropriate.  Please consult your veterinarian with any of your concern.





Canine Massage

My Favorite Items to Use When Massaging a Dog

My favorite items to use when massaging a dog are pretty simple.

Let me share these 4 items with you.

You can click on the image to get more detail if you are interested.




I’ve tried using a massage table when I first taking my clients back in 2010 but quickly learned that it wasn’t a very practical choice.

After realizing that being on the floor is much less stressful for the dogs, I started massaging dogs on the floor.


This type of dog bed is exceptional, though.

I gave it a try at my client’s house for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised.

The biggest advantage is that you can slide your legs underneath this bed.

This helps your lower back tremendously especially if your dog is tiny.




Background Music

If you google “relaxing music for dogs”, you’ll see so many options come up but they are not all the same.

This speaker is packed with classical piano pieces that were arranged in the way that are soothing to the dog’s ears bio-acoustically.

This has been so popular among my furry clients especially those who are shy or fearful.





Hot Stones

I can’t recommend thermal therapy enough for your dog, especially older one with chronic pain.

Hot stones can quickly warm up the tissues and mask the pain so that the dog is more relaxed and can tolerate massage strokes and pressure more comfortably.



Study on Canine Behaviors

Besides the canine anatomy and massage techniques, learning the difference between how we think and how the dogs think is crucial in terms of creating a safe environment for a dog to feel comfortable and benefit from a massage.

“Forcing” the dog in any way isn’t the way to go!


All of Dr. Yin’s books and DVDs are valuable to everyone who comes close contact with dogs personally and professionally.




I will update you as I come across with more items that can be helpful to make a massage time more successful for you and your dog!


Blog Canine Massage Wellness Maintenance

Stay Home and Massage Your Dog with Me

Stay home and massage your dog with me!

Let’s make sure our pets are not emotionally effected by our emotions while dealing with this pandemic!

Blog Living with a dog

8 Ways to Take Advantage of SIP that Benefit Your Dog

8 Ways to Take Advantage of SIP that Benefit your Dog


  1. Check your dog’s entire body
  2. Review Your dog’s diet and GI health
  3. Learn more about vaccination
  4. Take short breaks from work and engage with your dog
  5. Do more during walks  (→How to Transform Dog Walks into Anti-Aging Exercise
  6. Create matching items for you and your dog
  7. Bake healthy snacks that both you and your dog can enjoy
  8. Put aside training and play silly :)


Pain Management For Your Dogs Upcoming Class Schedule & Sign-Up Info

[3/22/19] Relaxing Evening with Hot Stone Therapy

People in the Bay Area!

Are you tired of the traffic?

Not enough 1:1 time with your pup?

Let’s unwind ourselves by simply enjoying the warmth of Hot Stone Therapy with your pups!


Come Join Us!

I will show you how to prep stones and use them on your dog’s body easily at home.

Friday, March 22
7:00pm – 8:30pm
1777 Saratoga Ave #130
(Kato Business Square by Lawrence Expressway)




To Reserve Your Spot

  1. Please email us that you are attending.
  2. Please send $80 via Venmo to @Eri-Suzaki by 3/21. Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive the booking confirmation.



On the Day of the Event

Please bring a blanket or sleeping bag to sit on or lay down comfortably with your pup.

You will receive 2 complimentary hot stones to take home.

You can bring your significant others and up to two dogs.

However, 1 party receives 1 instructional material and 2 hot stones to take home (not per person or dog).


Looking forward to sharing this relaxing idea with you and your dog!

Blog Safety for Your Dog

Say NO to Cropped Ears & Docked Tails

Say No to Cropped Ears & Docked Tails

Are you considering a new family member from a breeder?

If you are considering a breed such as a Schnauzer, Miniature or Doberman Pinscher, Boxer, Great Dane, Pit bull terrier, etc.,  please, please tell your breeder NOT to crop the ears or dock the tail. 


I’ll tell you why.


[lightbox link=”” thumb=”” width=”480″ align=”none” title=”” frame=”true” icon=”image” caption=””]


Historical Background of Cropping Ears & Docking Tails

Why is it necessary to crop the ears or dock the tail of the certain breeds? 

For the dogs that were bred and used for hunting, the floppy ears or long tails could be in the way of getting tasks done due to possible injury in the woods, water, or wherever they may be. For fighting dogs, floppy ears or long tails could be easily bitten and made them vulnerable.  

These are the reasons why the ears and tails of the dogs were customarily altered.

OK. So, if you are acquiring a dog as your family pet, there is no reason at all for alteration, is there?



Impact of Cropping Ears & Docking Tails 

Your breeder may tell you that the procedures are not painful and it is “necessary” to be “recognized” as a purebred.

The AKC even state on their website:

Tail docking and dewclaw removal are performed shortly after birth, when the puppy’s nervous system is not fully developed. As a result, the puppy feels little to no pain, and there are no lasting negative health issues. 


Since I’m not a medical doctor or a puppy myself, I cannot argue whether the procedures are painful or not, BUT I do disagree with the statement about not having any lasting negative health issues.




Dogs with Chronic Pain Due to Compensation

Dogs or any other four-legged animals balance their bodies using the ears and tails. They are part of the whole balancing system. 

The easiest way to understand this is to look at a dog’s body from the top when swimming.  You will see that the ears change their direction and the tail moves like a fin or a rudder when steering. 

If part of the balancing system is altered, the dog will have compensatory issues, which often result in chronic pain.

If you lose a part of your body, you will have no choice but to use your body differently, compensating for the missing part, right?

I’ve worked with many dogs with docked tails (Not too many with cropped ears, though.) and nearly all of them had really tight lower backs.

If you live with back pain, you know what it’s like to live with chronic pain.

However, dogs are not complainers like us and are very good at hiding pain, especially when they are having fun.

As a result, the overworked muscles go unnoticed for a long time and can end with an injury.

So, I would definitely say that there ARE lasting negative health issues. 



Opt out of Unnecessary Procedures Done to Your Dog 

Do you believe cropping ears or docking tails are necessary to define a pure breed’s characteristics?

I truly hope that you will make the decision not to have any unnecessary procedures, and that your puppy can enjoy life without unnecessary chronic pain.


Pain Management For Your Dogs

Cold Laser – More Option for Your Dog!

Those who are following me on Facebook and Instagram, you may have already known that I’m a certified cold laser practitioner now!

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Why Laser Now?

In the last 7 years, I was trying to convey the message that:

  • massage is more effective when the dog is younger and healthier 
  • maintenance and preventative care along with core training will make a big difference in the dog’s golden years

I still feel strongly about maintenance regardless of how young your dog is.


In reality, there are so many dogs that have chronic (opting out of surgery, etc.) and/or geriatric conditions that cause them to live with pain…ショボーン


Effectively Reduce Inflammation and Pain

The device I use is a Class III laser that has 830 nano meter wave length and can be used for various applications with absolutely no side effects like synthetic medication has.

It does not generate heat and your pet basically does not feel anything at the time of treatment. 

Cold laser may be used for:

  • Acute shoulder lameness
  • Arthritis
  • ACL strain
  • Chronic renal failure
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hot spots
  • Lumbar pain
  • Post-op incision treatment
  • Lick granuloma
  • Luxating patella

So, I thought why not try cold laser if I can make dogs feel more comfortable more efficiently!

If Your Dog is…

  • not comfortable being touched
  • hyper-active
  • a senior that cannot tolerate a 60 min. massage

Cold laser may be the perfect option to help him/her feel better with less time and stress!


Cats are welcome, too!

[lightbox link=”” thumb=”” width=”550″ align=”none” title=”” frame=”true” icon=”image” caption=””]

My soon to be 16-yr-old kitty, Angel has chronic kidney failure.

She has had very little appetite lately and spoon-feeding was the only way to get her to eat. 

After applying cold later once over the kidneys, she started eating on her own and she even asks for food now!

So if you have a senior cat with chronic renal issues, cold laser may be an option!

Please contact us for more details about cold laser therapy sessions.

Ready to make an appointment? Please fill out this form and we will get back to you!


Testimonials of Class Attendees

“I Pet My Dogs All the Time, and Maybe I Could be Doing it Better”

Hi, Eri Suzaki of Canine Therapeutics here.

Let me share a testimonial from Randy, who attended our class “Be Better at Massaging Your DogTools for People to Massage Their Furry Partners Confidently & Efficiently at Home ” last week.

randy dogs


Randy attended the class with her husband Steve, and Snuggles (Right: white handsome terrier mix).

The class ran over the span of a day instead of meeting weekly.

Class Testimonial from Randy

Q. What Made You Decide to Take the Class?

Sudz and Sailor have been getting massages from you, and they seemed to like it. I would like to be able to give all of my dogs massages. I pet them all of the time, and maybe I could be doing it better.

Q. How was the Class?

The class was very useful. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and Snuggles seem to enjoy it too.

Q. Tell us What Your Thoughts were Before the Class, and What You Thought After the Class

Before the class, I thought I could do better at massaging my dogs. I bought a book on dog massage, but did not really get time to read it. This class was hands on, which I think was much better.

Randy and Snuggles

Q. Tell us What You Felt wasn’t so Great

The only thing I would change is that the reading material doesn’t have any diagrams and I would add diagrams of the massage techniques.

Q. What Would You Say to Someone Who was Considering Taking the Class in the Future?

I would encourage the person to take it. They won’t regret it.

Thank you for your feedback Randy!

Great Results with Snuggles!

During the morning, Snuggles was little overwhelmed by other people and dogs.

He was so nervous that he would not move or go potty.

But as soon as Randy started working on him, he gradually relaxed.



Many people schedule a massage appointment with me for a various reasons.

But there is a huge advantage when YOU give your dog a massage yourself at home.

Randy group photo

If you are interested in being a part of this class next time, please check out the event calendar .


Senior Dogs

Senior Dogs Can Exercise & Have Fun, too! – CiCi’s Case

Watch CiCi Go on This Wobbly Thing!

Meet CiCi, the Maltese.  Can you believe this is her very first time on the wobble board?

Also, can you believe she is almost 13 years-young?

Why Exercise Your Dog?

You may think that walking twice a day should do for your dog.

Unfortunately, not all muscles are used by just walking alone.

A Lot is Going on in the Video

  1. CiCi’s brain is being stimulated by learning how to balance herself.
  2. Stimulating the brain can help not just seniors but all of us  to stay mobile and sharp.
  3. CiCi is using the core muscle (iliopsoas ) to balance.
  4. Strengthening the core muscle can help prevent injuries.

Life-Time Physical Maintenance

Now, if you would like your dog to stay mentally alert and be able to walk, eat, go potty on their own and enjoy going for walks as long as he/she can, why not start implementing some exercise time for your pup?

Dogs love to be praised and rewarded with some good treats (just like people!) One more bonus of this seems to be that your dog will end up being more confident.  Wouldn’t you love that!

Exercise & Massage Combo is what you can book to let your dog work out just like CiCi.

60 minute session starts with warm-up, exercise and closes with massage and stretch.

We also have Pre-Paid Package Deals!

Senior Dogs

Poh the Dog’s Big Adventure in the Bay Area!

Maybe you’ve heard of Poh the Dog’s Big Adventure on Instagram.

Poh, the 16 year-old lab is on a bucket list road trip with his parents across the country.

They recently made a stop at Little Wine Counter in Campbell, CA, where his fans waited to meet Poh and his family.

Meeting Poh at Campbell

Because of his cancer and age, Poh is weak.

But his presence speaks for itself that he is very much loved, content, and at peace.

poh sleeping
Poh, dozing off after taking an herbal supplement.

It seems like there are people who are and aren’t in agreement with this kind of lifestyle.

I certainly don’t know what is best for each dog.

But personally, one thing I know for sure is that I want to spend every moment with my dog, Dewey when he gets near the end and being on a trip is a good way to do just that.

Wishing Poh and his family a safe, memorable, and blessed rest of the trip!